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Our Process

J. Alan Designs has created a seamless 4 step process to create your 3D Virtual Design. By the end of this process you will not only have a state of the art design ready for construction but you will also be amazed at how enjoyable the process was.

Step 1 – THE DREAM

In the beginning we will have a detailed phone conversation regarding all elements of your desired project. We will then schedule an on site consultation to review the properties potential. We recommend leaving 1 - 1.5 hours open for the consultation.

Step 2 – THE IDEAS

During our consultation we will review the properties character along with all project elements. We focus on delivering a design that brings together the existing property features with your projects new desired elements, so everything flows as one. At this time, we will also touch upon any technical issues to ensure the finished project functions appropriately. At the completion of our consultation, we will then schedule your 3-D virtual meeting so you can interactively walk through your amazing new project design.


Our 3D Virtual Design Process Begins! Our design software is very detailed and allows us to produce the best virtual project walk through in the industry. We focus specifically on every detail to produce a state of the art design for your project. It’s not uncommon during this process that we discover new ideas that may not have been discussed during our consultation. When this occurs, we will reach out to you to discuss these possible options.


Everything you see, every part of creation starts with a Clear Vision. Now, it’s time to bring it all together. J. Alan Designs will bring you your complete virtual project walk through. From the positioning of the sun throughout the day to the gentle breeze blowing all around you, you won’t believe your eyes as your project comes to life……Virtually!

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