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Pond & Stream Design

J Alan understands how to use the natural beauty of water in a pond garden. The placement and movement of water can bring a landscape to life while offering a calming serenity to the scene. A placid pool of water reflects the hardscape elements while the movement of a waterfall rivets one’s attention. Water’s reflective qualities can make a small garden seem more expansive. Water symbolizes constant renewal as well as a source of spiritual purification.

J Alan designs focus on making the water aspects of gardens appear natural, as if the waterfalls and ponds had always been there. Depending of the space available, our designs can incorporate the asymmetry found in natural ponds and waterfalls. Larger ponds can even include walkways or small bridges to allow for alternative viewing angles.

The depth of the garden pond is an important consideration. It affects the cost, the appearance, and maintenance of the pond. Decorative rocks and fish may lie hidden as the pond gets deeper. Shallow ponds are better for displaying decorative rocks on the bottom and fish are more visible. But shallow ponds tend to build up algae faster because the light is able to reach more of the water with greater intensity.

J Alan’s 3D software will let you see how your pond or waterfall will fit into your landscape design. View our design page and then contact J Alan Designs for your own customized pond or waterfall design.

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