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Patio & Walkway Design

One of the first decisions on patio design is how big it should be. We design your patio to be large enough to accommodate the activities you have in mind. Will you want a fire pit, pizza oven, or an outdoor kitchen? If you have a smaller space perhaps you only have room for a bistro type arrangement, but a good design will allow ample space for traffic flow through and around the area and outdoor furniture which is usually larger than indoor furniture.

Also, we can design an area that will allow for future expansion or extension. Walkways and pathways can lead from one area to another, each with its own identity and feeling of seclusion. Also, areas can be visually and physically separated with planters, trellises, benches, or by a change in stone pattern. Changing the shape of the patio can make even stronger divisions. We can design T-shapes or different levels with connecting steps that naturally divide spaces which you can designate for various activities. This way, each area achieves its own unique identity.

J Alan helps you choose the ideal materials to create your ideal outdoor living space and our 3D virtual design allows you to see how it will look when finished. Each type of material lends particular character to the scene you wish to create. Our designs can include bricks or concrete, timbers or laid granite stone, slate or attractive manufactured concrete.

One of the most critical features of your outdoor design will be the lighting. Good lighting design adds to your enjoyment, beauty and safety. Fancy outdoor restaurant have beautiful string lights hung up outside. You can, too. You can recreate that same romantic feeling right in your backyard!

Also, lighting along paths and walkways is an essential visual and safety element. An attractive lighting design acts as an invitation to explore and enjoy your landscape experience. Lighting can be divided into discrete dimmable zones with different colors and operated via a phone app.

View some outdoor designs we have created on our sample page and then contact J Alan to begin your own landscape dream.

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