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Outdoor Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting has to be rugged enough to stand up to the elements year round and yet be easy and efficient to maintain. We offer dimmable zoned and colored lighting that can be operated with a simple phone app.

Path lighting can guide guests safely from one scene to another. Step lighting will make those steps easy to navigate in the dark. Paver lighting on a patio is both subtle and stunningly beautiful. Post lights and flood lights can be used to fill in larger areas where an activity like cooking on the outdoor grill requires ample lighting.

LEDs and solar powered lights offer efficient and cost-effective accent illumination for remote locations. With new, high efficiency lighting you need not worry about leaving lights on and running up the electrical bill. Also, lights can be wired to timers or sensors to they turn on and off automatically when you want. Dimmers allow you to adjust the amount of illumination as the sun sets so it is always just right.

J Alan lighting designs make the outdoor landscape come alive. Lanterns and pocket lighting can be employed to accent hardscape features like a fountain or a waterfall. Wall sconces can highlight a decorative wall. Lighting around a fire pit or attractive garden arbor adds a dramatic touch.

Every J Alan lighting design is customized to suit the individual client’s requirements and budget. Contact J Alan today for your own unique outdoor lighting design.

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