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English Garden Design

J Alan knows how to create the English Garden look by carefully choosing plants that grow through and around each other as though they have been growing together for years. The English garden should have a variety of flowers and plants that emerge and bloom at various times so there is something to admire at any time of year. One of the most desirable features of the English garden is the continuously shifting palette of colors from one season to the next.

Besides attention to color and blooming times, J Alan designs mixes mounding varieties around the bases of taller plants that complement each other and intermingle naturally. English gardens display different layers or levels for a stunning visual effect. For vines and plants that require more shade, J Alan designs include arbors or other sheltered spaces that allow those plants to thrive. It is vital to select varieties that do not tend to overgrow and crowd out other desirable species in your garden.

English gardens are renowned for both their variety of colors and for the abundance of fragrances throughout the year. As each bloom fades, another emerges to take its place. J Alan knows how to design an English garden that can be easily maintained through the seasons.

Your J Alan designed English garden will be a continuing source of pleasure throughout the year. Contact J Alan today for individual designs that fit your style and taste.

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