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Edible Garden Design

Including an edible garden in your yard is a smart choice and can be an attractive addition to your overall landscape design. Edible gardens have become increasingly popular as a health conscious population begins to look more seriously for healthy, organic, and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. One of life’s great pleasures is picking and eating a fresh sun-warmed cherry tomato right from a plant you cultivated.

Whether you just wish to grow a few tomatoes and green beans or have an interest in heirloom or unusual fruits and vegetables, J Alan can develop an edible garden design suitable for your location and individual needs. Our designs always seek a balance between the practical aspects and the visual attractiveness of the garden.

Vegetable gardens used to be separate areas tucked away in backyards or behind fences so that their long rows and practical plantings could be hidden from the neighbors. These days, many gardeners take great pride in showing off their gardens full of their own healthy fruits and vegetables. Gardens can provide an attractive focal point as well as a source of nutrition. Garden design has also evolved through the years with many people growing their edibles entirely in containers, vertically on walls, or in raised beds. Some advanced hydroponic designs even allow vegetables to be grown without soil.

If you think you have a green thumb and want to grow your own healthy food, contact J Alan Designs and let us create the perfect edible garden for you.

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