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Complete Outdoor Living Design

Make the most of your property by extending your usable living space into the great outdoors. We can turn your yard into a virtual paradise. Enjoy spending time in a beautifully landscaped yard with family and friends.

Patios or multi-level decks are a perfect way to open up your house to outdoor living. Winding walkways with pavers can lead to a shaded gazebo or pergola surrounded by attractive plantings and flower beds. Adding a water feature such as a pond or waterfall lends a serene and relaxing aspect to any outdoor area. Also, at J Alan Designs we pay special attention to dramatic outdoor lighting that will enhance the space and help you enjoy your landscape design long into the evening hours.

J Alan Designs takes care to find the perfect balance between form and function. We always keep in mind that beautiful landscapes are designed to be used as well as be admired. We work closely with our clients to ensure we develop the perfect design to suit each individual’s taste and lifestyle. In addition to being functional, landscape designs should present vistas that are appealing even when viewed from various angles so the eye is always greeted with something new and attractive.

Choosing the right materials is essential in creating a landscape that will remain attractive for years to come without being excessively hard to maintain. The experts at J Alan Designs know what materials will look best and last the longest and can provide clients with a range of top quality components to choose from. Please enjoy viewing some of our sample designs and then contact the professionals at J Alan Designs to begin customizing your outdoor living style.

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